The Skribbies are a hit over here. My little one was smiling ear to ear when she unwrapped the box. She loves the fact that she can customise her skribble shoes every day from new. There is no rules with Skribbles, you can let your imagination run completely wild! If you don’t like it after, then you can wipe it off and do it again! Who wouldn't love that?!
- Claire
Mother // Enterpreneur
And these high tops by Skribbies are not only practical, but they are also something to keep them quiet for a bit as they can be fully customised, again and again. Timmie now found the design he loves, and wears them with pride! :) So if you, like me are bored of the ho-hum look that everyone else has or else want to buy a great present that keeps giving, get involved!
- Natalie
Mother of 2 // Family Lawyer
Skribbies are awesome. They are kind of like a fun toy that you can wear. You can create your own look, every day from new. OMG, I wish they had customisable products you can draw on for cats. I would look even more stylish.
- Massimo D.
Cat // London

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