Skribbies Neon Black Customisable Hi Top Trainers
Skribbies neon black customisable hi top sneakers
Skribbies Neon Black Customisable Hi Top Trainers
Neon-Black Skribbies Shoe front view
Boy having fun with Skribbies
Skribbies boy drawing on his shoe
boy customising his skribbies shoes
neon black skribbies shoes with designs
Neon-Black Skribbies Shoe side view
Skribbies as birthday gift
Skribbies Neon Black
neon black skribbies shoes

Skribbies Neon Black High Top Trainers

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Now your kid can REALLY customise a pair of trainers. With their own scribbling - and in their favourite colour.

Best of all: A simple wipe with the wristband, and all is set to start from new. Oh, we've designed the shoe in a way that makes it super comfy to wear.

Each shoe box comes with everything you need to start the scribble-adventure: Pack of 4 pens with 8 colours + Wristband + Pack of Skribbies monster stickers!

PS. Do you have more than one kid? E-mail us and we'll send you a cheeky discount code.

PPS. Not sure which size: No worries, the return policy is simple. We'll just send you a fresh pair that fits.

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