Skribbies Pink Paradise High Top Trainers
Skribbies drawn on lifestyle pic
Pink SKribbies with monsters drawn on
Girl Wearing Pink Skribbies 1
Pink Skribbies With accessories
Girl Wearing Pink Skribbies 2
Customised skribbies
Customised skribbies
Pink Skribbies With accessories alternate view
Skribbies Shoes pens and wristband
Girl opening skribbies shoe box
Skribbies wristband with pen
Skribbies with magic pen
skribbies lifestyle shoot

Skribbies Pink Paradise High Top Trainers

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Now your kid can REALLY customise a pair of trainers. With their own scribbling - and in their favourite colour.

Best of all: A simple wipe with the wristband, and all is set to start from new. Oh, we've designed the shoe in a way that makes it super comfy to wear.

Each shoe box comes with everything you need to start the scribble-adventure: Pack of 4 pens with 8 colours + Wristband + Pack of Skribbies monster stickers!

PS. Do you have more than one kid? E-mail us and we'll send you a cheeky discount code.

PPS. Not sure which size: No worries, the return policy is simple. We'll just send you a fresh pair that fits.

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